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Saturday, May 19th, 2012

I’m not famous. However, I would debate that what I have is much better.

Mini Fame.

Mini fame is the reality of many independent artists, and the results are quite exciting. Screw being recognizable everywhere you go. It’s way more fun to have no idea what your fame status is from one city to the next.

When I play colleges, I never have any idea if I’ll show up to fanfare or crickets. (Can’t wait for the day I show up to crickets playing fanfare. That’s when I know I’ve made it) Small colleges are the best…probably because they don’t get many performers. The big schools are spoiled with excess, but at the small ones word spreads fast, and everyone enthusiastically shows up. A lovely hype ensues, and I’m always surprised by the sentiment.

“Should I act like I’m famous? But what if they figure out that I’m not…then I would just look dumb. Maybe I can ask for a free cookie?”

“See that yellow show flier on the wall over there? Yea, that’s me. Where did you get that picture, though?  I swear I’ve never shown that picture to anyone. No cookie? It’s cool.”

Sometimes I get a cookie, sometimes I don’t. And that’s always the surprise of having mini-fame.


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