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Monday, May 14th, 2012

I recently had my first sale in Denmark…I mean Germany. I thought it was Denmark, because I saw the country code “DE”. Quickly assuming it wasn’t the country of Dibbi-fubbi-Ezzaria, namely because there is no such country named that, I then surmised it must be Denmark. Only later did I find out that “DE” is actually the country code for Germany…I think. I’m still a little confused per my post-Googling. (Side note: maybe it’s just me but when I can’t find an answer on Google, I find myself questioning if the answer exists anywhere in the universe.)

Regardless, I thank you, you patron of Monheim am Rhein. You dweller of a city I had to look up. I’ve never even sniffed your country and you found me. I hide in my own city, and you’ve listened to (or at least liked the cover art enough to purchase) my musings. I can’t help but wonder what he/she thinks of his/her recent purchase. I would ask for comments back if I could, but I’m afraid I might get back words like Niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeit or Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung. (I’m betting these words also serve as sobriety tests. If you can say it just once and halfway decent, you’re sober. But, say it perfectly…and you’re drunk.

Now I’m wondering if Germany digs my brand of music. Do they listen to it wearing interesting hats with bright plumage stuck in the brim? Do they call it their “listening gear?” Does my music have it’s own dance? Do they gather around, hold hands and dance a jaunty little step that involves mugs sloshing with beer and a unicycle?

These are the questions I ask myself. And for them, Google has no answer.

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