NEW VIDEO…The Ballad of the Nice Guy [funny song]

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011 at 3:17 pm


A song of particular significance to me…and perhaps some of you. I wrote this song in Nashville with good friend, Michael Shoup.  More of Michael Shoup’s music and crazy videos at
Lyrics and Tech details below!



It started out just being friendly
Her heart was broke and I was being gentlemenly
You’re telling me he’s so refined but
You’re aperitif and he’s been tasting other wines

So what then should I be
For you to notice me

Nice guys lose again
Always hoping that she’ll make the switch
Polite guys never win
Perhaps its time we learn to smack a bitch

Take you to show, I’d buy you flowers
I could sit and stare and listen to you talk for hours
Write poetry for a song like this
I like your company but still there’s something that I miss

So what then can I do
To get it on with you


I’ve resolved to be more criminal less subliminal
Beef my upper body cause that’s what gets the hotties
Never date less than two ladies
Always leaving when there’s babies
Cause it seems like that’s what I’m supposed to do


Shot with an iPhone 4 using an Owle Bubo. Editing done in Final Cut Pro and extra audio editing in Logic.