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Harry Potter . . . and the Magical Chisel

Sunday, July 17th, 2011
Harry Potter . . . and the Magical Chisel

I’ve got a hobby.

Woodworking came straight from my grandfather and is thick in my blood.  He had me working the drill press when I was still in single digits.  Long hours in his New Mexico workshop by some might be considered child labor, but I loved it.  We’d make wooden guns, trains, dog-mansions, and even a sweeeeet multi-story fort.   Most recently, we built a customized recording studio desk out of leftover black lab counters he pulled from Sandia Nuclear Laboratory.  The desk drawers have stains from where scientists would put their coffee mugs.

Realizing a hobby is kind of like pursuing a girlfriend.  It’s usually not economical…but when you do spend money on it, it feels good…like Christmas good.  For my birthday this year, I gifted myself a really nice chisel (lie-Neilson).  This is no normal chisel.  This chisel feels like Harry Potter’s wand…

What’s my first project you ask?  I think I’ll start with this…


Perhaps this is more realistic…

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