Hungry Hungry Idol Games

Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 10:05 pm

There’s a new movie out called Hunger Games. Heard of it?

Well, I’ll just assume you haven’t and let you know it’s a big huge deal…like a “Learning Channel ‘My 600 Pound Life, fused to the couch and I haven’t seen my cat in two weeks but I smell something funny coming from under me” kind of deal.

Some people have even gone to the trouble of reading the books. But I’m pretty confident most of us went the safe route and waited to see if the movie version would come out first.

And by the title alone, you may think it’s about that low-tech kid’s game Hungry Hungry Hippos where sappily-smiling plastic animals compete to consume the most marbles. You’re close…but just replace the hippos with teenagers forced to kill each other and the marbles with various forms of lethal ammunition and now you have something truly appropriate for all ages.

Hmmmm, teenagers having to compete and kill each other to entertain a world audience…Wait a minute! Isn’t that just a couple of homicides away from American Idol??

Million-dollar idea! Just combine American Idol with Hunger Games! All the singers jump on stage and fight to the death with various musical instruments. Come on, admit it. You would love to see Clay Aiken smash someone’s face with a xylophone or Kris Allen dodge an Oboe, Kelly Clarkson spinning round like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows (thanks Strangers With Candy). Anyway…I thought it was a great movie. Two dislocated thumbs up. What’d YOU think?

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